Forest, Photography and Exposition Visual construction of the Amazonian forest through the clichés of Charles Kroehle and the República Peruana 1900 album


  • Juan Carlos La Serna Universidad de Lima


Between 1888 and 1891, photographers Kroehle and Huebner began a journey deep into the Amazon forest, which has become epic over time. During this journey, a series of landscape and population photographs were taken, yielding a collection of more than 200 images that became an essential reference for the visual construction of the Peruvian Amazon. From then until now, these clichés have been around in different media, both in Peru as abroad, consumed by a diverse public, through different formats and exhibits. One of the main spaces where the clichés were exposed and consumed by a “global” audience was the album República Peruana 1900, a volume prepared to be exhibited at Paris Universal Exhibition, held in 1900.

The objective of the following text is to ponder about the photographic work of Charles Kroehle in our country, highlighting the strategies used by this artist to incorporate his clichés inside trastlantic consumption scenes, and discussing the value of his images for the construction of national imaginaries and global scientific descriptions of eastern Peru.